Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP)

In accordance with Federal Regulations 23 CFR 450 and Florida Statute 339.175(9), the UPWP for the St. Lucie Transportation Planning Organization (TPO) identifies the transportation planning budget, the priorities to be carried out, and the activities to be undertaken in the Metropolitan Planning Area (MPA). The UPWP is developed based upon state and federal regulations,… Continue Reading Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP)

Micro-Mobility Study

The St. Lucie TPO Micro-Mobility Study reviews the needs and characteristics of various low-speed transportation options, compares them to existing conditions in the transportation network, land development patterns and demographics for three distinctly different study areas and develops considerations that the St. Lucie TPO can implement or coordinate to promote more widespread and greater density… Continue Reading Micro-Mobility Study

Transportation Connectivity Study

Transportation planning focuses on “access,” ensuring that people can easily reach jobs, education, and other daily needs. Communities that support access are known as “livable” or “sustainable” communities. The St. Lucie TPO addresses access by incorporating livability, sustainability, and mobility goals into the planning process. The purpose of the Transportation Connectivity Study is to provide… Continue Reading Transportation Connectivity Study

Walton Road Multimodal Feasibility Study

The St. Lucie Transportation Planning Organization (TPO) retained Stanley Consultants, Inc. to complete this preliminary feasibility study to evaluate multimodal improvements to the Walton Road corridor from Lennard Road to Indian River Drive. Walton Road is located within the limits of the City of Port St. Lucie and is owned and maintained by St. Lucie… Continue Reading Walton Road Multimodal Feasibility Study

Florida Scenic Highways Program: Treasure Coast Scenic Highway

The purpose of the Florida Scenic Highways Program (FSHP) is to designate roads in order to help preserve and enhance the cultural, historic, archaeological, recreational, natural, and scenic resources that lie within the roadway corridor. Florida communities also take advantage of scenic highway designation to improve local quality of life and enhance the experience of… Continue Reading Florida Scenic Highways Program: Treasure Coast Scenic Highway