About the TPO Started after the 1980 Census, the St. Lucie TPO is a Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) responsible for the planning and programming of State and Federal funding for transportation improvements for the City of Fort Pierce, City of Port St. Lucie, St. Lucie Village, and the unincorporated areas of St. Lucie County.

Meeting the first Wednesday of every other month, the TPO Board consists of 12 members:
– 4 Port St. Lucie City Council members
– 4 St. Lucie County Commissioners
– 2 Fort Pierce City Commissioners
– 1 School Board Representative
– 1 Transit Representative

Working in partnership with the local governments, the U.S. Department of Transportation, and the Florida Department of Transportation, the TPO conceives, plans, prioritizes, and funds projects which address the mobility needs of the TPO area.

Recently-completed projects that successfully moved through the TPO process include Crosstown Parkway, Indrio and Midway Roads, and the Jobs Express Terminal while other projects under construction today include Kings Highway, Port St. Lucie Boulevard, and the St. Lucie West Boulevard/I-95 Interchange.

As part of the continuing, comprehensive, and cooperative transportation planning process, the TPO receives input from four advisory committees and the general public in the adoption of its various plans and programs such as a Long-Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) and a Transportation Improvement Program (TIP).

While the TPO has been recognized nationally by the Federal Highway Administration for Environmental Justice Analysis in Transportation Planning and Programming and for Delivering Safe, Comfortable, and Connected Pedestrian and Bicycle Networks, the TPO will remain committed to upholding these best practices in creating safer, more efficient, and equitable transportation systems for all of the communities of the TPO area.