Social Media Policy

(adopted August 7, 2013)


The St. Lucie Transportation Planning Organization (TPO) has established a social media presence to enhance the involvement of the public in local transportation planning efforts. The following Social Media Policy and the rules and procedures incorporated herein govern the use of social media by the St. Lucie TPO.

Viewing, access, or interaction with the St. Lucie TPO-authorized social media site(s) indicates acceptance of the Social Media Policy. Failure of St. Lucie TPO members and staff to follow the Social Media Policy may result in disciplinary action including suspension or termination from employment with or participation in the St. Lucie TPO.

The St. Lucie TPO reserves the right to modify the Social Media Policy without notice. Any modifications become effective upon posting of the modified Social Media Policy on the St. Lucie TPO website. Anyone who views, accesses, or interacts with the St. Lucie TPO through social media after the modification of the Social Media Policy indicates acceptance of the modified Social Media Policy.


The St. Lucie TPO makes no assurance that content on the social media sites will be free from errors or omissions. The content on the social media sites does not represent legal public notice or fulfill public notice requirements. Content that is posted in the local newspaper to advertise a meeting may also be posted on the St. Lucie TPO social media pages to reach additional interested persons. The social media sites are governed by the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy as defined on each site. Content contributed by others is not endorsed by the St. Lucie TPO.


To inquire about this Social Media Policy or any content shared through the St Lucie TPO’s social media sites, contact the St. Lucie TPO by email at or by telephone at 772-462-1593.


A. General

1. The St. Lucie TPO website,, shall be the official and predominant internet presence for the St. Lucie TPO.

2. E-mail addresses used for the account set up must be a St. Lucie TPO issued email address. No personal e-mail address may be registered with an account.

3. The St. Lucie TPO shall keep records of all social media sites on which the St. Lucie TPO has a presence including records of any change in the administrator, password, account information, or removal/deactivation of the site.

4. All content made or received relating to St. Lucie TPO business also shall be retained, stored, and disposed of in accordance with Chapter 119, Florida Statutes. At a minimum, a record shall be kept of all posts, direct messages, tweets, re-tweets, responses, or replies made. The account settings shall be configured or the service used which either delivers the content to a St. Lucie TPO email address or to a database (e.g.

5. Privacy settings shall be configured on the social media site so the content on the site is as open to as many members of the general public as possible. No user shall be denied from viewing (i.e. being a fan or follower) the site.

B. Postings

1. St. Lucie TPO Board members, Committee members, and staff shall comply with Florida Government in the Sunshine laws with regard to the exchange of information on St. Lucie TPO authorized social media sites including, but not limited to, items that will be considered by them for official action.

2. Postings must clearly indicate that the content posted or submitted for posting is subject to public disclosure under Florida’s public records laws.

3. Any posts, comments, photos or links to other content on social media sites shall be related to transportation planning or St. Lucie TPO activities only.

4. Any inappropriate or unrelated content not in compliance with the social media policy will be deleted/removed by the St. Lucie TPO. Inappropriate content includes, but is not limited to, advertising, selling of products or services, the use of expletives, inaccurate or false information, offensive or harassing comments, discriminatory comments, content relating to the political endorsement or opposition of any candidate or ballot amendment, anything that may be perceived as a threat or matter of public security and content that relates to illegal action.

5. The content on all St. Lucie TPO social media sites will be monitored regularly to prevent abuse of this policy. Effort will be made to ensure information is accurate and appropriate for dissemination to the public. In all cases, postings shall be professional, courteous, and pass the common sense test.

6. The St. Lucie TPO will regularly post current material in a timely manner. As it is the intent to engage residents in the local transportation planning process, any reasonable public inquiry or input will be considered in the planning process and may be retained as public record.

7. All postings shall adhere to all rules regarding copyright privacy, fair use, financial disclosure, and any other applicable laws.

C. Content from Other Websites

1. From time to time, the St. Lucie TPO may share a link to another website, video, photo, or other content not produced by the St. Lucie TPO. The content on other sites is meant to be provided for an informational purpose, and the St. Lucie TPO is not responsible for this outside content.

2. If a link or other content shared by the St. Lucie TPO is further shared by another individual or business, the St. Lucie TPO requests that it not be presented as the user’s own content. Original content (such as photos or videos) that is the property of the St. Lucie TPO will be indicated as such, and any further sharing of St. Lucie TPO-owned content may occur with the appropriate credit to the St. Lucie TPO provided with the notation: “Courtesy of the St. Lucie TPO”. Any commercial use of content created or owned by the St. Lucie TPO is prohibited without written permission from the St. Lucie TPO.