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Interactive Traffic Count Data Management System
The St Lucie TPO acted as a clearinghouse for the collection and management of all traffic counts performed in the MPA by the local governments and FDOT. A Traffic Count Data Management System (TCDMS) with data attributes, features, functions and reporting capabilities was developed and implemented, and the TPO manages it. Every year, the traffic counts are collected and uploaded into the TCDMS, and the resulting reports were published online. The reports were also provided to local governments, private consulting firms, and the public upon request. The TCDMS was enhanced with the development of a Level of Service Analysis System (LOSAS). The LOSAS was developed and integrated into the TCDMS to evaluate the congestion and operating condition of the roadway network and produce an Annual Level of Service Report which ultimately supports performance measurement of the transportation system.

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At the present time, none of the local jurisdictions maintains a formal traffic count program. Continuation of the Traffic Count Program is necessary to monitor the performance of road segments for transportation planning purposes.