St. Lucie County Transit Launches Innovative On-Demand Ride Share Service for Residents in Southwestern Port St. Lucie

The Treasure Coast Connector is launching a new, on-demand micro-transit service for residents in the southwestern portion of Port St. Lucie, called Treasure Coast Connector – On Demand.

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Similar to ride-hailing services, Treasure Coast Connector – On Demand uses a smartphone app for riders to schedule customized curb-to-curb trips in the Gatlin Road area of Port St. Lucie. A small, neighborhood-friendly van will pick-up riders and drop them off wherever they wish to travel within the defined pilot program areas of Port St. Lucie, including businesses and offices in Tradition and near Interstate 95 on Gatlin Boulevard. Areas being served include: Becker Ridge; Paar Estates; Sawgrass Lakes; Crane Landin; Woodland Trails; Tulip Park; Rosser Reserve; Gatlin Pines; Whispering Pines; Newport Isles and Tradition. Along the way, the shuttle may pick-up other passengers who also request a ride. The service conveniently accommodates people with disabilities.

This free, pilot program will operate within the southwestern portion of Port St. Lucie for up to one year beginning Monday, Dec. 9. If the program goes well, the service will expand and become a part of St. Lucie County Transit and the Treasure Coast Connector’s transit options. Hours of operation for Treasure Coast Connector – On Demand will be Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Saturdays from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. To use this new ride share program, passengers should download the free TransLoc app to their smartphone and then request a ride. Download the flyer

To find out more about the Treasure Coast Connector and the new micro-transit program for Port St. Lucie’s southeastern residents call 772-464-RIDE (7433) or visit

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The TREASURE COAST CONNECTOR, operated by the Council on Aging of St. Lucie, Inc., is pleased to announce the addition of a stop on Route 6 in Port St. Lucie at the new St. Lucie County School Board Administration Building. The new stop will be effective on September 3rd, 2019.

The St. Lucie County School Board Administration Building, a new state-of-the-art complex, is located at 9461 Brandywine Lane, Port St. Lucie. With a stop located at this facility, employees, parents, and families will have direct access via public transit to the School Board Administration complex.

Draft Public Participation Plan

The St. Lucie Transportation Planning Organization is updating its Public Participation Plan (PPP). The PPP informs the public of how they can impact transportation planning decisions. The TPO encourages you to review the draft PPP and to share feedback to ensure that the PPP reflects the needs of the public to the greatest extent possible.

The TPO has posted the draft PPP for public review for 45 days, beginning December 20, 2019. The public has until February 5, 2020 to provide comments on the PPP before it is reviewed for adoption by the TPO Board. As part of the approval process, the TPO will make changes to the draft PPP as necessary and summarize all comments submitted during the comment period and the revisions made to the PPP based on the comments.

Draft PPP

Public Review and Comment Opportunities

Jenkins Road Project, Development, and Environment Study

jenkins road

The Jenkins Road Project consists of widening existing segments of the roadway from two to four lanes with the addition of bicycle lanes and sidewalks from Orange Avenue to Edwards Road and the construction of a new four-lane segment from Edwards Road to Midway Road with bicycle lanes and sidewalks. The estimated cost of this study is $2.135 million.

Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)

The TIP provides a prioritized list of all transportation projects in the St. Lucie Planning Area funded from federal and state sources over the next five years.

Current Interactive TIP

Current TIP document

Upcoming Meetings