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Transit Route Optimization Study Dashboard

The TPO creates a community engagement dashboard for each major project. Transit Route Engagement Dashboard

electric car

Electric Vehicle Survey

The electric vehicle market is changing rapidly. What are your thoughts? Please take our brief survey!

ACES Vehicles for Transit Study Update

(Automated, Connected, Electric, and Shared-Use)

electric bus

Automated, Connected, Electric and Shared-Use (ACES) vehicles are transforming the urban landscape. Due to the swiftness of change, transit agencies must collaborate with a broad range of transportation partners to encourage the safe development, testing and deployment of ACES vehicles.

Download the Transit Study Update

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Annie Lee
Annie Lee
9 months ago

Bicycle friendly would require each street to actually have a bike path allowance and that would be wonderful for walkers also… On another note,Does your organization within Port Saint Lucie have a free car seat program for a great Grandparents?