FY 2023-2027 Interactive TIP

FY 2023-2027 TIP

Annual Federal Obligations Report

The Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) of the St. Lucie Transportation Planning Organization (St. Lucie TPO) is intended to identify the transportation projects and programs located within the St. Lucie TPO area that are expected to occur over the next five years. The TIP identifies the type of transportation project that it is such as whether it is a roadway project, a sidewalk project, or a transit project. The TIP also identifies the project phases, such as design, right of way acquisition, construction, etc., that will occur and the year in which the project phase is expected to occur. In addition, the TIP also identifies the type of funding received for the project such as whether the funding is from Federal, State, or local funding sources or a combination of these sources.

The TIP is developed in cooperation with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), the Florida Turnpike, public transit operators, the cities of Fort Pierce, Port St. Lucie (PSL) and St. Lucie Village, and St. Lucie County (SLC). The TIP also is developed based on comments received from citizens, affected public agencies, private providers of transportation, and other interested parties.

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