Micro-Mobility Study

The St. Lucie TPO Micro-Mobility Study reviews the needs and characteristics of various low-speed transportation options, compares them to existing conditions in the transportation network, land development patterns and demographics for three distinctly different study areas and develops considerations that the St. Lucie TPO can implement or coordinate to promote more widespread and greater density… Continue Reading Micro-Mobility Study

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Plan

The widespread use of electric vehicles (EVs) could result in significant improvements in environmental quality due to their reliance on “clean technology”. An electric vehicle is a vehicle that is either partially or fully powered on electric power. EVs consume less fuel, if any, and produce fewer emissions than similar conventional vehicles. To meet future… Continue Reading Electric Vehicle Charging Station Plan

Sea Level Rise Mapping Study

As climate change continues to threaten both natural and built environments, the risk of impact to transportation infrastructure rises. Scientific studies predict that sea level rise will accelerate and, therefore, transportation infrastructure along the coast continues to be vulnerable to inundation. The St. Lucie TPO’s Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) initiated efforts to assess vulnerabilities… Continue Reading Sea Level Rise Mapping Study