Bike Rack Plan

The intention of the plan is to identify general locations for bicycle racks in public right-of-way adjacent to bus stops in residential and commercial activity centers. Therefore, municipal bus stops, and school bus stops are a major component of the plan.

After the completion of base maps, a database was created for analysis that included bus stop locations and other points of interest to be studied for bicycle rack needs. Each of the locations was evaluated for the need for bicycle racks.

In addition, the types of bike racks that can be installed were evaluated in the plan. Appendices A, B, and C of the plan contain tables with addresses and recommendations for each location that was identified as a need in the plan.

The plan is part of a complete multimodal transportation plan that will result in connecting biking and walking, public transit options, and carpooling. Upon the adoption of the plan, cost estimates for the installation of the bicycle racks may be determined, and the plan recommendations may be incorporated into local jurisdictional plans, project design plans, and the TPO Priority Project Lists.

Download the Plan (5.6 MB)